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How to use thonged in a sentence. Thonged pronunciation.

Within this circle, in a small open space, was a short post with straps attached to an arm nailed across it, and leaning upon this post in an attitude of one who possesses a most distinguished office was a young man with a three thonged whip in his hand.
Then, to encourage the king's army further, to bring them all upon the enemy while he was in confusion, he quitted his horse, and fighting with extreme difficulty in his heavy horseman's dress, in rough, uneven ground, full of water-courses and hollows, had both his thighs struck through with a thonged javelin.
He was grown too tall for the cane; but Mrs. Newcome thonged him with the lash of her indignation for many an hour that evening.

Examples of Thonged

Example #1
An ominous silence pervaded the circle, with the exception of the hushed whispering of a number of women who had forced themselves into the line of spectators, bent upon witnessing the sight of blood as well as hearing the sound of lashes.
Example #2
Obadiah perceived his inclination and with an angry bob of his head led the way through to the inner edge of the waiting circle of men.
Example #3
It was thrown with great force, so that the head came out on the other side, and made a severe though not a mortal wound.
Example #4
But when they did not mind what he said, slighting him as a hare-brained fellow (as indeed he was not yet of any repute sufficient to give credit to a proposal of such importance).
Example #5
He was forbidden to enter, M. de Blois' house, a prohibition at which the spirited young fellow snapped his fingers, and laughed in scorn.
Example #6
Mr. Newcome was called in, and the two elders passed a great part of the night in an assault upon the lad.