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Definition of Though

  • Granting, admitting, or supposing that; notwithstanding that; if.
  • However; nevertheless; notwithstanding; -- used in familiar language, and in the middle or at the end of a sentence.
  • (postpositive) however

How to use though in a sentence. Though pronunciation.

A poor sparrow on a tree-top, if you tell him he must not have it, he will hunt it down the world till it is his, as though it was a bird of paradise.
It scared him, as though I was the devil himself, to find me here.
I feel Soolsby here at times so sharply that it would seem he came again and was in this room, though he is dead and gone.
But that the Prince Pasha of Egypt has set up a claim against my uncle's property is evil news; though, thanks be to God, as my father says, we have enough to keep us fed and clothed and housed.
Christian though he was, he was, nevertheless, Oriental to his farthermost corner, and had the culture of a French savant.
He was sitting beside David, and though he asked the question casually, and with apparent intention only of keeping talk going, there was a lurking inquisition in his eye.
Though I am in truth a Turk, and those who serve and rob me here are Turks, yet the fellah is the same as he was five thousand years ago.
David looked at Kaid as though he would read in his face the reply that he must make, but he did not see Kaid; he saw, rather, the face of one he had loved more than Jonathan had been loved by the young shepherd-prince of Israel.
He had had his great fight for place and power, alien as he was in religion, though he had lived in Egypt since a child.
For the rest, he flourished the salutations and language of the Arab as though they were his own, and he spoke Arabic as perfectly as he did French and English.
It would seem as though the Prince Pasha was ready to make him, as well as David, a favourite.
The girl's face, though not that of one in her teens, had seemed to him a very flower of innocence.
The lean, invisible, ghastly arm of death could find him, if Kaid willed, though he delved in the bowels of the Cairene earth, or climbed to an eagle's eyrie in the Libyan Hills.
All that he saw was as unlike what he had known in past years as though he had come to Mars or Jupiter.
He knew into what subterranean ways he must walk, through what mazes of treachery and falsehood he must find his way; and though he did not know to the full the corruption which it was his duty to Kaid to turn to incorruption, he knew enough to give his spirit pause.
Holding her hand still, as though she were a child, he led her quickly from the room, and shut the panel behind them.
He did not definitely realise his actions; but long afterwards he could have drawn an accurate plan of the table, could have reproduced upon it each article in its exact place as correctly as though it had been photographed.
But they declared to all who crowded upon their words that the Inglesi left the Palace with a face frozen white, as though it was he that had met debacle, while Nahoum had been as urbane and cynical as though he had come to the fulness of his power.
And yet a sudden wave of pity for her rushed over him, because the conviction seized him that she would also in her heart take upon herself the burden of his guilt as though it were her own.
I could have walked the broad way with a laughing heart, though, in truth, habit of mind and desire have kept me in the better path.

Examples of Though

Example #1
And when he's seen it fall at last, he'll remember but the fun of the chase; and the bird may get to its tree-top again-if it can-if it can-if it can, my lord!
Example #2
Ay, and he would have it, because it pleased him to have it-like his father before him.
Example #3
I had but come back in time-a day later, and he would have sat here and seen me in the Pit below before giving way.
Example #4
He would have old Soolsby's palace for his spy-glass, would he then?
Example #5
I ask him how it came he lived here alone; how it came that he made chairs, he, with brains enough to build great houses or great bridges; how it was that drink and he were such friends; and how he, a Catholic, lived here among us Quakers, so singular, uncompanionable, and severe.
Example #6
The walls which have felt their look and their breath, the floor which has taken their footsteps, the chairs in which they have sat, have something of their presence.