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How to use thought-or in a sentence. Thought-or pronunciation.

She wondered vaguely how such a girl had been brought up, and what her parents thought-or knew!
The minutes passed, and with the passage of each minute he knew that by so much he was nearer the time when he must stand up, or else-and his wet shirt went cold against his flesh again at the thought-or else he might receive death as he stooped there over his treasure.
In order to understand that intelligence, and why intelligence, must act in just this way (must think just by means of these categories), we must prove, and not merely, with Kant, assert, that these functions or forms are really laws of thought-or, what amounts to the same thing, that they are conditions of self-consciousness.
And felt their holy influence, nor impure Of thought-or ever with polluted hands Touched they without a prayer the NAIAD'S spring; Yet was their influence transient; such brief awe Inspiring as the thunder's long loud peal Strikes to the feeble spirit.
But although the port authorities were perfectly polite, Singleton thought-or was it only a case of a guilty conscience?-that the custom-house officer betrayed even more than ordinary Yankee curiosity as to the reasons which had prompted Jack to select West Indian waters as the spot in which to pursue his quest of renewed health; and there seemed to be a very marked disposition on the part of the man to indulge in hints and innuendoes suggesting that he was perfectly aware of the existence of a certain something "under the rose", until Singleton at length put a stop to it by asking him, point- blank, what it was at which he was hinting.

Examples of Thought-or

Example #1
And she was conscious of an intense pride in herself, of a measureless haughty feeling of superiority.
Example #2
In a corner of the square she saw Gerald talking vivaciously alone with one of the two girls who had been together.
Example #3
Still he squatted on his heels, rubbing dirt from gold and debating in just what manner he should rise up.
Example #4
Yet he knew that he would have to rise up, sooner or later, and face the danger that breathed at his back.
Example #5
Again, even if it be granted that Kant has explained the properties and relations of things (that they appear in space and time, and that their accidents must be referred to substances), the question still remains unanswered, Whence comes the matter which is taken up into these forms?
Example #6
So long as the whole object is not made to arise before the eyes of the thinker, dogmatism is not driven out of its last corner.