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How to use thoughts-and in a sentence. Thoughts-and pronunciation.

For I have some experiences, that my interest in thoughts-and to an end, perhaps, only of new thoughts and thinking-outlasts that of all my reasonable neighbors, and offends, no doubt, by unhealthy pertinacity.
Then Mrs. Doria told him her thoughts,-and when an outraged energetic lady is finally brought to exhibit these painfully hoarded treasures, she does not use half words as a medium.
Still I couldn't help my thoughts,-and they ran perpetually to the sea.
At any rate, she saw quite clearly certain things; saw them in moments only-after prayer, in the still silence of the night, or when left alone those long hours in the house with her knitting and her thoughts-and the guidance which then flashed into her remained, even after the manner of its coming was forgotten.
Whisky is forever in his thoughts-and often in other places belonging to him, besides.
Of course I did not say that the more she had, the more she might have had to lose, because I thought that if, in the face of a disaster like this, French women were thinking such thoughts-and if one does, hundreds may-it might be significant.

Examples of Thoughts-and

Example #1
But though rebuked by a daily reduction to an absurd solitude, and by a score of disappointments with intellectual people, and in the face of a special hell provided for me in the Swedenborg Universe, I am yet confirmed in my madness by the scope and satisfaction I find in a conversation once or twice in five years, if so often; and so we find or pick what we call our proper path, though it be only from stone to stone, or from island to island, in a very rude, stilted, and violent fashion.
Example #2
I believe the reason of this recusancy is the fear of disgusting my friends, as with a book open always at the same page.
Example #3
His System, and his conduct generally were denounced to him, without analysis.
Example #4
He refused to offer up any victim to console her.
Example #5
I hadn't need to go up on the house-tops, for I didn't shut my eyes but there it stretched before me.
Example #6
My will gave way; I came home and took up my burden and was in peace.