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How to use thousand-rayed in a sentence. Thousand-rayed pronunciation.

Even such is the energy, so great, of the Brahmana like unto that of the thousand-rayed Surya himself, on the Earth.
The thousand-rayed maker of day, the holy Surya has begun his northward course.
Sitting near his own fire, he poured libations on it according to due rites, and then worshipped the thousand-rayed sun as he was on the point of setting.
Vaisampayana continued, "Having said this, the thousand-rayed deity suddenly vanished away.

Examples of Thousand-rayed

Example #1
That man who having fasted for twelve days eats a little ghee on the thirteenth, and bears himself in this way for a whole year, succeeds in attaining to the merits of the divine sacrifice.
Example #2
Even this is what the highly blessed Rishi Angiras, conversant with every duty, said (regarding the fruits of such a fast).
Example #3
Those two who were regarded as Atirathas amongst the foremost of the Vrishnis, and referring to whom in course of conversation thou wert wont to indulge in pride, and who, O chief of Kurus race, were ever dear to Krishna himselfalas, those two, O Dhananjaya, have been the chief causes of the destruction of the Vrishnis!
Example #4
Dismissed by his preceptor he left his abode and practised the most severe austerities.
Example #5
Then Vidura and Sanjaya made a bed for the king by spreading some blades of Kusa grass.
Example #6
The sacred fire of the old king was also ignited.