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How to use throat-that in a sentence. Throat-that pronunciation.

I've been a good woman to you, Tommy, and because of that I want you to promise-to promise'-the words seemed to stick in her throat-'that when you marry, the woman be white.
I could see that for a moment her imagination dwelt complacently on the idea of herself thus attired; and instinctively she put her hand up to her throat-that little delicate throat which (as Miss Pole had told me) had been one of her youthful charms; but the hand met the touch of folds of soft muslin in which she was always swathed up to her chin, and the sensation recalled a sense of the unsuitableness of a pearl necklace to her age.
I looked at her neck, at her throat-that extraordinary beginning.

Examples of Throat-that

Example #1
In Tristan and Isolde, the curtain does not, as in Romeo and Juliet, rise with the lark: the whole night of love is played before the spectators.
Example #2
That evening we resumed our journey, and two days after we were at Munich.
Example #3
She said, "I'm afraid I'm too old; but it was very kind of you to think of it.
Example #4
He smiled as if amused at the idea of the incongruity of his presents with the appearance of his sister; but this did not strike her all at once, while the elegance of the articles did.
Example #5
A strong perfume that enveloped her shoulders was like the truth of her body.
Example #6
Her plump dress proffered her figure to my eyes, and her skirt trembled over her polished sabots.