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Definition of Thump

  • The sound made by the sudden fall or blow of a heavy body, as of a hammer, or the like.
  • A blow or knock, as with something blunt or heavy; a heavy fall.
  • To strike or beat with something thick or heavy, or so as to cause a dull sound.
  • To give a thump or thumps; to strike or fall with a heavy blow; to pound.
  • a heavy blow with the hand
  • a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects)
  • hit hard with the hand, fist, or some heavy instrument
  • move rhythmically
  • make a dull sound

How to use thump in a sentence. Thump pronunciation.

This she addressed to Margate, and stamped with a little thump of the fist.
His heart gave a great thump against his ribs, and he felt the blood rushing to his cheeks.
He had scarcely done so when he heard a short scream followed by a thump and a rumbling, rattling sound.
His appearance was suggestive of one who has received an unexpected thump between the eyes.
Presently he clutched the board, drew himself to his feet, and turned to leave the chair, but fell across its arms, slid heavily from them, and with one rude thump and then another lay unconscious on the floor.
At length she flew toward a window, against which she landed with a thump which for a moment or two completely dazed her.
And, as if in judgment on me, at that instant came two rather terrific thumps from somewhere below, and inarticulate words, shouted rather than spoken.
So thou shalt, said he, and must, whether thou wouldst or no, and withal render and yield up thy soul to all the devils in hell; then suddenly gave them dronos, that is, so many knocks, thumps, raps, dints, thwacks, and bangs, as sufficed to warn Pluto of their coming and despatch them a-going.
Then did the monk with his staff of the cross give him such a sturdy thump and whirret betwixt his neck and shoulders, upon the acromion bone, that he made him lose both sense and motion and fall down stone dead at his horse's feet; and, seeing the sign of the star which he wore scarfwise, he said unto Gargantua, These men are but priests, which is but the beginning of a monk; by St. John, I am a perfect monk, I will kill them to you like flies.
Other hurt they did me none, only one little villainous Turkey knobbreasted rogue came thiefteously to snatch away some of my lardons, but I gave him such a sturdy thump and sound rap on the fingers with all the weight of my javelin, that he came no more the second time.
When a monk, levite, close-fisted usurer, or lawyer owes a grudge to some neighbouring gentleman, he sends to him one of those catchpoles or apparitors, who nabs, or at least cites him, serves a writ or warrant upon him, thumps, abuses, and affronts him impudently by natural instinct, and according to his pious instructions; insomuch, that if the gentleman hath but any guts in his brains, and is not more stupid than a gyrin frog, he will find himself obliged either to apply a faggot-stick or his sword to the rascal's jobbernowl, give him the gentle lash, or make him cut a caper out at the window, by way of correction.
When it was ended, thumps and fisticuffs began to fly about among the assistants; but when it came to the catchpole's turn, they all laid on him so unmercifully with their gauntlets that they at last settled him, all stunned and battered, bruised and mortified, with one of his eyes black and blue, eight ribs bruised, his brisket sunk in, his omoplates in four quarters, his under jawbone in three pieces; and all this in jest, and no harm done.
While they were bringing wine and kickshaws, thumps began to trot about by dozens.
The sham bridegroom made his moan, that the crippled bum had struck him such a horrid thump with his shoulder-of-mutton fist on the nether elbow that he was grown quite esperruquanchuzelubelouzerireliced down to his very heel, to the no small loss of mistress bride.
Since he took a pleasure in spending his money partly to vex Basche, partly to see those catchpoles banged, good lusty thumps would have done well on his shaved crown, considering the horrid concussions nowadays among those puny judges.
There was an old man of Ibreem, Who suddenly threaten'd to scream; But they said, "If you do, we will thump you quite blue, You disgusting old man of Ibreem!
He heard the approach of a shuffling step, the thump, thump, thump of a cane, and the door swung back.
His head struck the deck with a resounding thump, and Michael J. Murphy had a through ticket to the Land of Nod and no stop-over privileges.
Thump after thump resounds the constant flail, That seems to swing uncertain and yet falls Full on the destined ear.
And his head thumps, to feed upon the breath Of patriots bursting with heroic rage, Or placemen all tranquillity and smiles.

Examples of Thump

Example #1
Your last is so very nice and kind that I feel I ought to answer it without delay, but I cannot answer in the way you wish.
Example #2
I must have a long, long time to think over such a very important question.
Example #3
At length she spoke to him; she listened attentively while he poured out all his disillusionment of London and his eager ambition for the future.
Example #4
She loved him with all her heart.
Example #5
He turned like a flash, his heart pounding violently.
Example #6
He turned, re-entered the grove and started to walk back to the pavilion.