Till in a sentence

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How to use till in a sentence. Till pronunciation.

As for myself, dear Emerson, you must ask me no questions till- alas, till I know not when!
If we could put it off till-" "Hurry!
I suppose to keep my uncle's house till-" She hesitated.

Examples of Till

Example #1
After four weary years of the most unreadable reading, the painfulest poking and delving, I have come at last to the conclusion-that I must write a Book on Cromwell; that there is no rest for me till I do it.
Example #2
That a Book on Cromwell is _impossible.
Example #3
Why, Huck, if it was to do over again, I bet I could fetch two hundred!
Example #4
He's dressed, and everything's ready.
Example #5
I was a fool not to bring a cloak.
Example #6
As to the life I am destined for, I cannot tell.