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How to use tilma in a sentence. Tilma pronunciation.

We see mangas and tilmas, and men wearing the sandal, as in Eastern lands.
There were pueblos, Indios manzos, clad in their ungraceful tilmas, and rather serving than associating with those around them.
They were variously attired: some were wrapped in their striped blankets; some wore tilmas, and tunics of embroidered fawn-skin, plumed and painted with dyes of vivid colour; some were dressed in the garb of civilised life-in rich satins, that had been worn by the dames of the Del Norte; in flounces that had fluttered in the dance around the ankles of some gay maja.
The Mexican girls and the Indian captives lay clustered over the ground, wrapped in their tilmas and striped blankets.

Examples of Tilma

Example #1
On the women we observe the graceful rebozo, the short nagua, and the embroidered chemisette.
Example #2
We see picturesque costumes in the villages and along the highways: men dressed in the chequered serape or the striped blankets of the Navajoes; conical sombreros with broad brims; calzoneros of velveteen, with their rows of shining "castletops" and fastened at the waist by the jaunty sash.
Example #3
There were mulattoes, too, and negroes of a jetty blackness from the plantations of Louisiana, who had exchanged for this free, roving life the twisted "cow-skin" of the overseer.
Example #4
There were Frenchmen, Canadian voyageurs, strays of the north-west company, wearing white capotes, and chatting, dancing, and singing their boat-songs with all the _esprit_ of their race.
Example #5
Not a few in the crowd were entirely nude.
Example #6
In front of the temple were the women of the village-girls, women, and children; in all, about two hundred.