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How to use tilman in a sentence. Tilman pronunciation.

My name is Lacey-Thomas Tilman Lacey of Chicago.
The next instant Thomas Tilman Lacey's drawling voice broke the silence.
He begged the other, Tilman Schenk by name, to permit him some private words with his master.

Examples of Tilman

Example #1
Father liked his wives from the original States; but I was born in Chicago.
Example #2
Parents, one Philadelphy, one New York, one Pawtucket-the Pawtucket one was the step-mother.
Example #3
I suppose it's the air.
Example #4
It lay there for a moment.
Example #5
They asked whether the States' army would march at once to Dusseldorf to protect the princes at the moment when the King moved from Mezieres, and they made many enquiries as to what amount of supplies and munitions they could depend upon from the States' magazines.
Example #6
The ministers wished to know what the States practically were prepared to do in the affair of Cleve, which they so warmly and encouragingly recommended to the King.