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How to use timber-cutting in a sentence. Timber-cutting pronunciation.

I do not know why my uncle, the lumber-boss of our expedition, went sixty miles beyond ordinary timber-cuttings.
In his timber-cutting he had become familiar with the lay of the land and took this rough way on purpose that his father might have difficulty in following him.
The work daily performed by these female laborers comprises road-making, bridge-building, timber-cutting, architectural construction of numberless kinds, horticulture and agriculture, the feeding and sheltering of a hundred varieties of domestic animals, the manufacture of sundry chemical products, the storage and conservation of countless food-stuffs, and the care of the children of the race.

Examples of Timber-cutting

Example #1
Perhaps it was to procure, on a special order, a remarkably fine choice of oak and pine, and that that spot had been marked by him in some hunting trip or Indian survey as producing the finest timber in the colony.
Example #2
Of course it is an utterly wild region there, never trodden except by hunters, and away beyond the usual search of lumbermen.
Example #3
He ran for almost a mile before he slackened his pace, and at every step he seemed to feel his father right behind him.
Example #4
He took a course across the unbroken lands where there was not so much as a foot-path.
Example #5
All this labor is done for the commonwealth - no citizen of which is capable even of thinking about "property," except as a res publica;- and the sole object of the commonwealth is the nurture and training of its young,- nearly all of whom are girls.
Example #6
And all of them are so peculiarly constituted that the least unnecessary indulgence would result in some derangement of function.