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How to use time-like in a sentence. Time-like pronunciation.

The man's writing this time-like the second note," was all he said.
And, moreover, Paley forgets to inform us what conclusion the finder might draw if he had picked up a badly made watch which did not keep good time-like this our turnip of a world at times!
It was-though I thought not of that at the time-like a revelation of the mystery of omnipresence.

Examples of Time-like

Example #1
The fire marshal agreed, and that night saw us watching at the fire-house nearest the department-store region.
Example #2
I won't fall down this time.
Example #3
As we were obliged to attend divine service strictly on Sunday, I was allowed to go to the Episcopal church in the village, which agreed very well with my parents' views.
Example #4
I quite fell into the sentiment of the sect, and so went to Professor Dodd to ask for permission from the Faculty to change my religion.
Example #5
It is difficult to describe this sensation, or the rapidity with which it mastered me.
Example #6
Within the concave that held my brain, were the fathomless deeps of blue; clouds floated there, and the winds of heaven rolled them together, and there shone the orb of the sun.