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Looking, then, in this way, at the institution-coming down to us, as it has, from a remote age-having passed unaltered and unscathed through a thousand revolutions of nations-and engaging, as disciples in its school of mental labor, the intellectual of all times-the first thing that must naturally arrest the attention is the singular combination that it presents of an operative with a speculative organization-an art with a science-the technical terms and language of a mechanical profession with the abstruse teachings of a profound philosophy.
The Golgotha-Daneman's skull-Superhuman stature-Stirring times-The sea-bord.
The religion of the Jews emphasizes an ideal to which the Jewish mind and heart have responded ardently from the earliest times-the ideal of righteousness.
She certainly did resemble that girl-she had the same bluish violet eyes, the same white and deeply fringed lids, the same free grace of carriage, a trifle too boyish at times-the same firmly rounded, yet slender, figure.
The furtive glance-The mighty round-Degenerate times-The newspaper-The evil chance-I congratulate you.
A man to whom-had he lived in olden times-the Romans would have erected a statue because, in her deepest misfortunes, he never despaired of the Republic. He looked keenly at the young men.
I believe, from two causes; first (as I have already said) from the erroneous tone impressed upon the national history by the irritated spirit of the clergy of the established church: to the religious zealotry of those times-the church was the object of especial attack; and its members were naturally exposed to heavy sufferings: hence their successors are indisposed to find my good in a cause which could lead to such a result.
But by the time it reached his ears-after it had been told by one person to another almost forty times-the story was somewhat different from what it had been when Mr. Crow first told it to Jasper Jay.
Many thoughts came into her mind; but the thought never came, that quite close to her, in that very window, was a remembrance of those olden times,-the neck of the bottle which had, as it were shouted for joy when the cork flew out with a bang on the betrothal day.
In the times here contemplated,-millennial times,-the rights of men will be respected, predicated upon the rights of God, and flowing from them as inseparable.
It is not alone in the hours spent with the child that the mother should be at work upon him, but in every waking hour-in her work and rest times-the child should be always on her heart, and she should ceaselessly revolve in her mind the problems of her work as a mother.
All was like old times-the quaint old silver kettle and lamp, the pattern of the china cups, the ruddy play of the fire on the polished panels of the room-and he began to revive and join the conversation.
There are in all twelve halls, each containing the remains of a particular era in the art, and arranged according to time; so that, beginning with the clumsy productions of the ancient Egyptians, one passes through the different stages of Grecian art, afterward that of Rome, and finally ends with the works of our own times-the almost Grecian perfection of Thorwaldsen and Canova.
It is interesting to compare the earliest Celtic literature we have, with the earliest literature of the race which was to be the main instrument of Celtic bad karma in historical times-the Teutons.

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Here it is before us-a venerable school, discoursing of the deepest subjects of wisdom, in which sages might alone find themselves appropriately employed, and yet having its birth and deriving its first life from a society of artisans, whose only object was, apparently, the construction of material edifices of stone and mortar.
Example #2
Let us first examine it as a whole, before we investigate its parts, just as we would first view, as critics, the general effect of a building, before we began to inquire into its architectural details.
Example #3
This was my left hand, which was raw and swollen, from the blows dealt on a certain hard skull in a recent combat.
Example #4
I have been a wanderer the greater part of my life; indeed I remember only two periods, and these by no means lengthy, when I was, strictly speaking, stationary.
Example #5
Loyalty to this ideal includes loyalty to race, family, religion, and all righteous persons.
Example #6
In the case of the Jews this was a loyalty not only to race, but to religion; and religious loyalty is the finest and most sustaining of all loyalties.