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Definition of Tired

  • Weary; fatigued; exhausted.
  • depleted of strength or energy

How to use tired in a sentence. Tired pronunciation.

After five years I left, with a bald head at twenty-nine, and a little book of noble thoughts-Tips for the Tired, or Things you can say To-day on what you can do to-morrow.
The Padre knew from the start, but I learned at great expense, and went out of business-closed up shop for ever, with a bald head and my Tips for the Tired.
They returned every night during the first week, dusty, footsore, tired, and hungry, but very jolly.
We sat down tired and perspiring, and hired a couple of Chinamen to curse those people who had beguiled us.
A three-mile pull brought us to the camp just as the night fell, and we stepped ashore very tired and wolfishly hungry.
The eye was never tired of gazing, night or day, in calm or storm; it suffered but one grief, and that was that it could not look always, but must close sometimes in sleep.
We were gone all day, and reached home again about night-fall, pretty tired and hungry.
We were so tired that we slept soundly.
Louise, summoned to the drawing-room, looked rather tired of waiting.
I've walked about-all day-and oh, I'm so tired and miserable!
Thoroughly tired, she unpacked her trunks, sat awhile by the open window, listening to a piano in a neighbouring house, and then jumped into bed.
She's sick and tired of us all, and wants to see our backs as soon as ever she can.
Tolstoi himself grew tired of it, and never finished it.
The soldiers are on the field because they were sent there, and the uninjured are too utterly tired, too tormented with lack of sleep, too hungry and thirsty to let out a single whoop.
Although tired and hungry, still it was with a light heart she sank to rest.
At last she grew tired of the puzzling thought, and said to herself, "I won't bother myself thinking about it any more.
The Empress was at an age in which one enjoys balls and fetes; but the Emperor feared above all things her becoming tired, and consequently rejoicings and amusements were given up at the court and in the city.
At last he arrived unharmed, but very tired, his clothing all in disorder, and his face blackened with smoke, his shoes and stockings scorched and burned by the fire.
The child grew tired, and the lady in charge took him away.
It was probably past nine; Crewe might have got tired of waiting, or have found it impossible to keep a position on the pavement.

Examples of Tired

Example #1
I lost my hair worrying, but I learned to be patient.
Example #2
We had good hands, but it had the joker.
Example #3
Well, I've had more out of it all, I guess, than if I'd trebled the millions and wiped Manana off the Mexican coat of arms.
Example #4
I went to Mexico a conquistador, I left it a child of time, who had learned to smile; and I left some millions behind me, too.
Example #5
They surveyed very slowly, very deliberately, very carefully.
Example #6
After the first week, they had to camp on the field, for they were getting well eastward.