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How to use to-day-i in a sentence. To-day-i pronunciation.

Sometimes when I get blue-as I am to-day-I think I'll go.
In giving expression to the last stage of an idea,-an idea which permeates all minds, which to-morrow will be proclaimed by another if I fail to announce it to-day,-I can claim no merit save that of priority of utterance.
The behaviour of certain of you to-day-I will not mention them because of their exceeding shame, but you will all know whom I mean. . . .
He'll see this Parmalee film to-day-I caught it last night-and there's some stuff in it I want to play horse with, see?
I must say everything to-day-I will row out into the middle of the lake if you like, but I must know that.
But to-day-I know not owing to what circumstance-the senate was more indulgent.
I hope you have prayed for me to-day-I don't mean as you always do, but with new prayers wherewith to begin the new year.
And sooner than be such a priest as Messer Gambara-of whom there are too many in the Church to-day-I will find some other way of serving God.

Examples of To-day-i

Example #1
There was no answer to this.
Example #2
Nell sat perfectly still. "Go away?
Example #3
Do we eulogize the man who first perceives the dawn?
Example #4
To name a thing is easy: the difficulty is to discern it before its appearance.
Example #5
I see that I was mistaken.
Example #6
The headmaster began to speak in grave and icily cold tones; his face was contracted by a permanent frown.