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How to use to-morrow-a in a sentence. To-morrow-a pronunciation.

Feudalism, also, my dear sir, was a benefit and a progress in its day, but that which was a benefit yesterday may it not become an evil to-morrow-a danger?
To-day Donatello was the sylvan Faun; to-day Miriam was his fit companion, a Nymph of grove or fountain; to-morrow-a remorseful man and woman, linked by a marriage bond of crime-they would set forth towards an inevitable goal.
Pray with all your heart, and I shall say a mass for her to-morrow-a high mass with music, you understand.

Examples of To-morrow-a

Example #1
That which is progress to-day, may it not one hundred years hence have become mere routine, and a downright trammel?
Example #2
The excessive centralization of which I complain has had its hour of utility, nay, even of necessity, I will admit; but, Monsieur, in what human institution do you pretend to implant the absolute, the eternal?
Example #3
The fancy impressed him that she too, like Donatello, had reached a wayside paradise, in their mysterious life journey, where they both threw down the burden of the before and after, and, except for this interview with himself, were happy in the flitting moment.
Example #4
Kenyon would have besought her for more definite intelligence, but she shook her head, put her finger on her lips, and turned away with an illusive smile.
Example #5
All day long Maria strove to stay the hidden advances of the disorder with her prayers, and every time that she returned to the bedside it was with a half hope that a miracle had been wrought, that the sick woman would cease from her groaning, sleep for a few hours and awake restored to health.
Example #6
Before getting into the sleigh the cure took Maria aside and spoke a few words to her.