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How to use to-never in a sentence. To-never pronunciation.

One thing he made up his mind to-never again would he think of separation.
It's what I an't used to,-never did,-and can't do, no way possible.
I'll never speak to-never even think of you again.
It makes me rage; I'd like to-never mind that now!

Examples of To-never

Example #1
Never again would he argue her into agreeing to go away from him.
Example #2
He could scarcely believe that she WOULD, yet he had a half-defined fear in his soul that she might not be the same.
Example #3
I didn't buy ye jest for the common work; I mean to promote ye, and make a driver of ye; and tonight ye may jest as well begin to get yer hand in.
Example #4
What it was, no one knew; but Legree's face became perfectly demoniacal in its expression, as she spoke; he half raised his hand, as if to strike,-a gesture which she regarded with fierce disdain, as she turned and walked away.
Example #5
At Maurice, she smiled in a significant way.
Example #6
Having addressed and stamped the envelope, and tossed it to the others, she rose and gave a hand to each.