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How to use to-perhap in a sentence. To-perhap pronunciation.

Your kindest letter, whose date I dare not count back to,-perhaps it was May,-I have just read again, to be deeply touched by its noble tragic tone of goodness to me, not without new wonder at my perversity, and terror at what both may be a-forging to strike me.
It was certainly no Elysium to fly to-perhaps from the fire into the frying-pan; but still there was the hope that my life on board the _Pandora_ would not be of long continuance, and even there, under the protection of Brace, they had of late treated me less cruelly.
So that at the time Bezoni knew me a certain indifference to-perhaps arising from an ignorance of-doctrinal points, rendered me little hurt by arguments against opinions which I embraced indeed, but with a lukewarm and imperfect affection.

Examples of To-perhap

Example #1
My slowness to write is a distemper that reaches all my correspondence, and not that with you only, though the circumstance is not worth stating, because, if I ceased to write to all the rest, there would yet be good reason for writing to you.
Example #2
Yours ever, T. Carlyle CLIIa.
Example #3
As for King Dingo Bingo, I felt a loathing in his company that I cannot describe.
Example #4
I felt a presentiment of some terrible evil, and I was resolved, if I did not succeed in reaching the barque, to run away from him all the same and try my fortune in the woods.
Example #5
And in the busy world, where so little but present objects or _human_ anticipations of the future engross the attention, I had never given the subject that consideration which would have enabled me (as it has since) to separate the dogmas of the priest from the precepts of the Saviour, and thus confirmed my belief as the Christian by the very means which would have loosened it as the Sectarian.
Example #6
Bred a Roman Catholic, though pride, consistency, custom, made me externally adhere to the Papal Church, I inly perceived its errors and smiled at its superstitions.