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Definition of Torero

  • a matador or one of the supporting team during a bull fight

How to use torero in a sentence. Torero pronunciation.

The torero, without making any answer, drew his horse from the picket, leaped into the saddle, and rode off at a gallop towards the north-west.
Sancho, besides being an accomplished torero, had spent his earlier years in the circus, and was, as we all knew, a most splendid horseman.
After a short consultation among themselves, the torero's request was acceded to.
When the horse had accomplished two or three rounds, the torero leaped upon his back, and performed the well-known feat of riding on his head.
They caused the torero to repeat it again and again, until the spotted mustang had become all of one colour.
When the tournament was ended, and we were hauled back to the river-side, the torero was not with us.
I whispered to the torero, who was standing near me.
I said again, addressing the torero, "Seguin was your friend.
I had matured it all, except getting possession of a weapon; and I had hopes of escape, although I had neither time nor opportunity to detail them to the torero.

Examples of Torero

Example #1
You can travel all night, and be up with us early in the morning.
Example #2
You will find us around the north point of the mountain.
Example #3
We had all heard of it.
Example #4
Next day will be a grand tournament, in which the warriors will exhibit their skill in shooting with the bow, in wrestling, and feats of horsemanship.
Example #5
The horse he had pointed out was lassoed out of the caballada and brought up, and our comrade's thongs were taken off.
Example #6
I noticed my own favourite, too, browsing with the rest.