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Definition of Tosspot

  • A toper; one habitually given to strong drink; a drunkard.

How to use tosspot in a sentence. Tosspot pronunciation.

Thus became Tom Tosspot rich,-thus went in the tailor's stitch.
And since divinely he's inspired, Adore the soul by wine acquired, And let the tosspot be admired.
And let the tosspot be admired.

Examples of Tosspot

Example #1
Did not you take heed, quoth he, a little before he opened his mouth to speak, what a shogging, shaking, and wagging his head did keep?
Example #2
If I could get up as well as I can swallow down, I had been long ere now very high in the air.
Example #3
How, quoth the friar, the fit rhyming is upon you too?
Example #4
Then we are all peppered, or the devil pepper me.
Example #5
My companions and myself proceeded on our way.
Example #6
He was quite ready to believe in the anchorite's confession, for the more unworthy the man for whom Sirona had broken faith, the greater seemed her guilt, and the more unpardonable her levity; and to his man's vanity it seemed to him easier-particularly in the presence of such witnesses as Petrus and Dorothea-to bear the fact that his wife should have sought variety and pleasure at any cost, even at that of devoting herself to a ragged beggar, than that she should have given her affections to a younger, handsomer, and worthier man than himself.