Toward in a sentence

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Definition of Toward

  • In the direction of; to.
  • With direction to, in a moral sense; with respect or reference to; regarding; concerning.
  • Tending to; in the direction of; in behalf of.
  • Near; about; approaching to.
  • Near; at hand; in state of preparation.
  • Approaching; coming near.
  • Readly to do or learn; compliant with duty; not froward; apt; docile; tractable; as, a toward youth.
  • Ready to act; forward; bold; valiant.

How to use toward in a sentence. Toward pronunciation.

So I came down the little path swiftly, and then round the great rock, and up towards the door.
I see him at his window looking out towards the Cloistered House; and if our neighbour comes forth, perhaps upon his hunter, or now in his cart, or again with his dogs, he draws his hat down upon his eyes and whispers to himself.
A group of people were moving towards the exit from the ramparts, and near himself stood a man waving an adieu. "Well, give my love to the girls," said the man cheerily.
The man turned round, and looked at David, then he jerked his head in a friendly sort of way and motioned towards the sunset.
At that moment an orderly advanced towards them.
When Nahoum left the great salon, he directed his steps towards the quarters of the Chief Eunuch, thinking of David, with a vague desire for pursuit and conflict.
But as he went towards Mizraim's quarters he saw no sure escape from the stage of those untoward events, save by the exit which is for all in some appointed hour.
He sprang towards the wall and examined it swiftly.
He made a motion of the hand towards the body.
She made a motion behind her towards the body.
David turned his face towards the room where Foorgat Bey was lying dead.
Yet-yet, somehow, as he bent his footsteps towards his lodgings again he had a sense of disappointment, of revelation.
He rose and walked towards his home again.
Hylda looked towards the letter lying on the table.
She moved towards the door.
In office Nahoum had done after his kind, after the custom of the place and the people; and yet, as it would seem, the man had had stirrings within him towards a higher path.
He turned towards the door, and was about to open it, when there came a knocking, and he stepped back.
A short distance away, near the outer gate, glowed a star of red light, and the fragrance of a strong cigar came over. "Say, looking for me?" said a voice, and a figure moved towards David.
With a motion towards Lacey he moved to the gate.
David was standing by the brazier, his hand held unconsciously over the coals, his eyes turned towards them.

Examples of Toward

Example #1
But, as I did so, my heart stood still, for I heard voices.
Example #2
Yet I felt that I must needs go and lay my hand in love upon the door of the empty hut which had been ever as thee left it.
Example #3
I think he is ever setting thee off against Lord Eglington; and that is foolish, for Eglington is but a man of the earth earthy.
Example #4
In degree it has ever been so; but now it is like a constant frown upon his forehead.
Example #5
Merry faces looked back and nodded, and in a moment they were gone.
Example #6
The man turned round, and looked at David, then he jerked his head in a friendly sort of way and motioned towards the sunset.