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The sooner they get out of this horrid hole the better, so they enquire if there is any coach to the town-they are answered by a careless shake of the head, and so, like good settlers, they determine to set off and walk, carrying their light parcels with them, and leaving the heavy things with a friend who refuses to go any further.
A few years ago they had occupied a much more roomy dwelling on the edge of the aristocratic region of Dunfield; though not strictly in St. Luke's-the Belgravia of the town-they of course spoke of it as if it were.
Half an hour later they started in the wagon At the gates of Versailles-a mile from the town-they were stopped by sentries; but allowed to pass on production of the order, with the necessary stamp. "Everything is going on well, thus far," Ralph said, as they turned off from the main road, at Viroflay.
Throughout the morning of the next day every circumstance of the late comedy was known in the household of Alencon, and-let us say it to the shame of that town,-they caused inextinguishable laughter.

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What, no water?" exclaims our passenger.
Example #2
Stacks of what were once beautiful London bricks crumbling away like gingerbread, and evidently at each returning tide half covered with the flood; trusses of hay, now rotten, and Norway deals, scattered about as if they had no owner-iron ploughs and rusty harrows-cases of door-frames and windows that had once been glazed-heaps of the best slates half tumbling down-winnowing-machines broken to pieces-blocks of Roman cement, now hard as stone, wanting nothing but the staves and hoops-Sydney cedar, and laths and shingles from Van Diemen's Land in every direction; whilst on the high ground are to be seen pigs eating through the flour-sacks, and kegs of raisins with not only the head out, but half the contents; onions and potatoes apparently to be had for picking up.
Example #3
A crisis in the fortunes of the family had necessitated a reduction of their establishment; the district in which they now dwelt was humbler, but then it could always be described as 'near North Parade, you know'; North Parade being an equivalent of Mayfair.
Example #4
To be sure, the family-omitting Mr. Cartwright, seldom at home-were all of one sex, which perhaps made the difficulty less insuperable; but the fact remained that Mrs. Cartwright and her five grown-up daughters, together with a maid-servant, lived, moved, and had their being in an abode consisting of six rooms, a cellar, and a lumber closet.
Example #5
Viroflay was crowded with Prussian troops.
Example #6
The officer signed the paper.