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Definition of Tramontana

  • A dry, cold, violent, northerly wind of the Adriatic.
  • a cold dry wind that blows south out of the mountains into Italy and the western Mediterranean

How to use tramontana in a sentence. Tramontana pronunciation.

What a delightful shelter would it be for the invalids who throng to Rome, where the sirocco steals away their strength, and the tramontana stabs them through and through, like cold steel with a poisoned point!
Owing, however, to the Tramontana rising a little, and the sea growing somewhat rough, it was impossible for us to keep a straight course for Majorca, and we were compelled to coast in the direction of Oran, not without great uneasiness on our part lest we should be observed from the town of Shershel, which lies on that coast, not more than sixty miles from Algiers.
M'à ntiso sospirare Ssa bella nomme toia, Chiagniarrà sta fontana, Shiosciarà Tramontana, Parlaranne sta facce, E pietate, e dolore, Se farrà muta ogn'autra cosa nfine, Parlarrà lo mmorire, Te diciarrà la morte li sospire.
He gave names to the Punta Seca, the Ysla Ysabeta, the Ysla Tramontana, the Punta Llana, Punta Sara, assuming them to be known, although he has said nothing of them or of any of them.
Tramontana, La, island, 348, 349.

Examples of Tramontana

Example #1
But within these walls, the thermometer never varies.
Example #2
It has no cure, I suspect, in all its length and breadth, for a sick soul, but it would make an admirable atmospheric hospital for sick bodies.
Example #3
That is if thou dost hear; And I am moulded in a form Somewhat below the mean.
Example #4
Moreover we were afraid of meeting on that course one of the galliots that usually come with goods from Tetuan; although each of us for himself and all of us together felt confident that, if we were to meet a merchant galliot, so that it were not a cruiser, not only should we not be lost, but that we should take a vessel in which we could more safely accomplish our voyage.
Example #5
Mertillo sempre ammore da tormiento, Saie quanno ne da chiù, quann'è chiù chiùso.
Example #6
Amarille de lo cannamele Chiù doce, e chiù soaue, Ma de l'aspeto surdo, E chiù sorda, e chiù fera, e sempre fuie.