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Definition of Trance

  • A tedious journey.
  • A state in which the soul seems to have passed out of the body into another state of being, or to be rapt into visions; an ecstasy.
  • A condition, often simulating death, in which there is a total suspension of the power of voluntary movement, with abolition of all evidences of mental activity and the reduction to a minimum of all the vital functions so that the patient lies still and apparently unconscious of surrounding objects, while the pulsation of the heart and the breathing, although still present, are almost or altogether imperceptible.
  • To entrance.
  • To pass over or across; to traverse.
  • a state of mind in which consciousness is fragile and voluntary action is poor or missing; a state resembling deep sleep
  • a psychological state induced by (or as if induced by) a magical incantation
  • attract; cause to be enamored

How to use trance in a sentence. Trance pronunciation.

In a little while Juliette awoke from her trance; but she awoke a lost woman!
Waking from these trances, she would see that her mother, too, had lapsed into some dream almost as visionary as her own, for the people who played their parts in it had long been numbered among the dead.
Katharine asked, waking a little from the trance into which movement among moving things had thrown her.
For some yards before reaching the Hilberys' door he walked in a trance of pleasure, but when he reached it, and pushed the gate of the little garden open, he hesitated.
It was useless to assert that these trances were always originated by Ralph himself, however little in their later stages they had to do with him.
And then as the Swiss woman broke her trance and turned to run toward the house, the young horseman leaped lightly to the ground.
There was a rush of volunteers when the woman, always brave in sorrow and ever fate defying, fainted away in a deathly trance as her eyes eagerly scanned the brief dispatch of the Viceroy.
There she stood by the front window and looked at it again, a sickening sensation of dread holding her as though in a trance.
When her duties were lightest she was content to sit in quiet meditation, the marvel of life holding her as in a trance.
At Sir Hugh, for they stood in awe Of his prowess, but he, like one in a trance, Regarded naught that he saw.
The Furies advance, And Ares awakes from his trance.
In her girlhood's indolent trances.
If you should die, my memory of you Would be no tale of the mere mind conceiving, Of contemplation thriving thus or thus, In trance of spaces where not even wings nor breath Recall the moving of substantial things.
Then would we muse as in a trance, Impressionable for an hour, And breathe the balmy breath of night; And like the prisoner's our delight Who for the greenwood quits his tower, As on the rapid wings of thought The early days of life we sought.
And by degrees upon him grew A lethargy of sense, a trance, And soon imagination threw Before him her wild game of chance.
It was a large clipping from the section of one of the metropolitan journals which carries a host of such advertisements as "spirit medium," "psychic palmist," "yogi mediator," "magnetic influences," "crystal gazer," "astrologer," "trance medium," and the like.
Through it all they were silent, rapt in a kind of trance.
When I had done I was in a fearful state, and I threw myself in an arm-chair opposite her bed, half dead, in a sort of trance.
Perhaps because now the Priestly Code has suddenly awakened to life after its long trance, and become the inspiration of Ezekiel?
Mr. Tiffany immediately lost all joint and strength, subsided into a chair at a distance, and from that moment looked upon the scene like one in a trance.

Examples of Trance

Example #1
How bitter was that awakening!
Example #2
He seated himself by her.
Example #3
But, seeing her own state mirrored in her mother's face, Katharine would shake herself awake with a sense of irritation.
Example #4
Again and again she was thinking of some problem when she should have been thinking of her grandfather.
Example #5
He felt the change come over her as they sat down and the omnibus began to move forward.
Example #6
Katharine acquiesced, and they climbed up, and found themselves alone on top of it.