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Definition of Transliterate

  • To express or represent in the characters of another alphabet; as, to transliterate Sanskrit words by means of English letters.
  • rewrite in a different script

How to use transliterate in a sentence. Transliterate pronunciation.

At the same time, I am reading the translation of the three “Kings,” and transliterate some passages.
Haug shall transliterate for me the grammatical forms into _your_ alphabet.
He says there are numerous instances of the use of _d'd'_ (which he transliterates _doudouiou_) in the medical papyri.

Examples of Transliterate

Example #1
And now I must ask you to examine the inclosed system of transliteration.
Example #2
Naturally all this is only in reference to ancient Chinese, which is at least as different (grammatically) from modern Chinese as Egyptian is from Coptic.
Example #3
He is a noble Suabian, and much attached to me; also a great admirer of yours.
Example #4
Your Veda Grammar will be a closed book to me, as you print in the later Devanagari goose-foot character.
Example #5
In the Ebers papyrus "_doudou_ d'Eléphantine broyé" is prescribed as a remedy for external application in diseases of the heart, and as an astringent and emollient dressing for ulcers.
Example #6
In a closely reasoned memoir, Henri Gauthier[367] has completely demolished Brugsch's interpretation of this word.