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Greek words have been transliterated.
Greek typeface: For this full-text edition, I have transliterated Pater's Greek quotations.
Greek words, first transliterated into Roman alphabetic equivalents, are rendered with a preceding and a following double- dash; thus, -xxxx-.
TRANSCRIBER'S COMMENTS Where Hebrew letters appeared within the English text, these have been transliterated and included in brackets.
All Greek from the original edition has been transliterated into Roman characters.
The British pound (currency) sign has been replaced by a capital L. Greek words have been transliterated.
For this E-Text, the Greek characters have been TRANSLITERATED into Roman characters, using a system developed for the US Library of Congress, Ref.
The one is the [Greek transliterated: to poiein], or the principle of synthesis, and has for its objects those forms which are common to universal nature and existence itself; the other is the [Greek transliterated: to logizein], or principle of analysis, and its action regards the relations of things simply as relations; considering thoughts, not in their integral unity, but as the algebraical representations which conduct to certain general results.
Now proper names, generally speaking, are not translated from one language to another, but transliterated as nearly as the genius of the language will permit.
It was the fact that the Greek word Ptolemaics was transliterated on the Rosetta Stone that gave the first clew to the sounds of the Egyptian characters.
I am also enclosing a copy of the list of transliterated terms commonly used in Bahá’í Literature, and ask you to distribute them throughout the various Bahá’í centres in Germany and Austria, that the friends the world over may adopt in their writings one common, authoritative, and uniform system of spelling and thus avoid inevitable confusion in future.

Examples of Transliterated

Example #1
The AE and OE digraphs have been transcribed as two letters.
Example #2
Spelling and punctuation: These are the same as in the book as far as possible.
Example #3
If there is a need for the original Greek, it can be viewed at my site,, a Victorianist archive that contains the complete works of Walter Pater and many other nineteenth-century texts, mostly in first editions.
Example #4
I have not preserved original hyphenation since an e-text does not require line-end or page-end hyphenation.
Example #5
The clerical banquets were accompanied by the claim of clerical immunities.
Example #6
The priests, as well as the gods, were in fairness entitled to feast; new institutions, however, were not needed with that view, as every college applied itself with zeal and devotion to its convivial affairs.