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On the other hand, if the brig lay too near the entrance to the caves, the treasure-laden boats must be launched through the surf, and, in case of high seas, this operation might be hazardous; consequently, he determined to anchor in the Rackbirds' cove and submit to the delay and inconvenience of the land transportation of the gold.
All treasure-laden to the brink, arrived.
And so Yi Chin Ho departed on his way through the mountains, blithe of heart and gay of song as he listened to the jingling bells of his treasure-laden ponies.

Examples of Treasure-laden

Example #1
When the captain and Shirley went ashore in a boat, nothing was seen to indicate that any one had visited the spot since the last cargo of guano had been shipped.
Example #2
The cove was a quiet harbor in which the small boats could easily ply between the vessel and the shore, but, in this case, the gold must be carried by tedious journeys along the beach.
Example #3
For his destruction, who of life bereaved Ægisthus base assassin of his Sire.
Example #4
At mercy of those proud, lest they divide And waste the whole, rend'ring thy voyage vain.
Example #5
There is little more to tell.
Example #6
Yi Chin Ho prospered through the years.