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He gazed-and that vast level solitude, so fresh and so fertile, that expanse of verdure, and those sweeping slopes, the ravines studded with clumps of dwarfed oaks, the grey hamlets, the thinly-clad birch trees-all this Russian landscape, so-long by him unseen, filled his mind with feelings which were sweet, but at the same time almost sad, and gave rise to a certain heaviness of heart, but one which was more akin to a pleasure than to a pain.
Their saps and gums, their fibres, their leaves, their blossoms, enrich, nourish and sustain the human form; no evil is produced by trees-all, all is goodness, is hearty, is helpfulness and growth.
And then she was not lying on a lumpy bed; she was sinking down under pine trees-all so sweet and still and cool.
In a moment that delightful wood, those bevies of Apsaras, those bands of Gandharvas, those beautiful trees,-all disappeared.

Examples of Trees-all

Example #1
His thoughts wandered slowly past, their forms as dark and ill-defined as those of the clouds, which also seemed vaguely wandering there on high.
Example #2
His head leaning back on the cushions, his arms folded across his breast, Lavretsky gazed at the furrowed plains which opened fanwise before him, at the cytisus shrubs, at the crows and rooks which looked sideways at the passing carriage with dull suspicion, at the long ridges planted with mugwort, wormwood, and mountain ash.
Example #3
They give refuge to the birds, they give music to the winds, and from them are carved the bows and arrows, the canoes and paddles, bowls, spoons and baskets.
Example #4
On the other hand the Sagalie Tyee transforms the kindly people, the humane, sympathetic, charitable, loving people into trees, so that after death they may go on forever benefiting all mankind; they may yield fruit, give shade and shelter, afford unending service to the living, by their usefulness as building material and as firewood.
Example #5
But an awful thing was happening!-the forest was on fire-it was choking and burning her!
Example #6
At first it was only someone filling the bath-tub, but after a while it was the little stream which flowed through her forest.