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Definition of Triclinium

  • A couch for reclining at meals, extending round three sides of a table, and usually in three parts.
  • A dining room furnished with such a triple couch.
  • a dining table with couches along three sides in ancient Rome
  • a dining room (especially a dining room containing a dining table with couches along three sides)

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Stool; Stand for a Vase; Head-rest or Pillow; Workman's Stool; Vase on a Stand; Folding Stool; Ebony Seat inlaid with ivory An Egyptian of High Rank Seated An Egyptian Banquet Chair with Captives as Supports, and an Ivory Box Bacchus and Attendants Visiting Icarus Greek Bedstead with a Table Greek Furniture Interior of an Ancient Roman House Roman State Chair Bronze Lamp and Stand Roman Scamnum or Bench Bisellium, or Seat for Two Persons Roman Couch, Generally of Bronze A Roman Study Roman Triclinium or Dining Room Chapter II.
The illustration given here of a repast in the house of Sallust, represents the host and his eight male guests reclining on the seats of the period, each of which held three persons, and was called a triclinium, making up the favorite number of a Roman dinner party, and possibly giving us the proverbial saying-"Not less than the Graces nor more than the Muses"-which is still held to be a popular regulation for a dinner party.
The carpets used by the Romans were called Triclinaria Babylonica, for the use of the triclinium, and Polymata cubicularia, for the cubiculum.
How completely would the _hookah_ and the _narghileh_ have harmonized with the _crater, cyathi_, and tripods of the _triclinium_ in that portraiture of the "Decadence of Rome" which hangs in the Luxembourg Gallery!
Banquets of incredible luxury drew the most celebrated guests into its triclinium, and filled them with envious admiration.

Examples of Triclinium

Example #1
Frontispiece-Dwelling Room of a French Chateau Chapter I. Vignette of Bas-relief-egyptian Seated, as Ornament to Initial Letter.
Example #2
Cover of a Casket Carved in Whalebone Saxon House (IX.
Example #3
It resembles the woods which we know as tuyere and amboyna.[2] Roman, like Greek houses, were divided into two portions-the front for reception of guests and the duties of society, with the back for household purposes, and the occupation of the wife and family; for although the position of the Roman wife was superior to that of her Greek contemporary, which was little better than that of a slave, still it was very different to its later development.
Example #4
Dr. Edward Clapton, of St. Thomas' Hospital, who has made a collection of woods named in the Scriptures, has managed to secure a specimen of thyine, which a friend of his obtained on the Atlas Mountains.
Example #5
These were dyed crimson, scarlet, and purple.
Example #6
The thread embroideries in counted stitches were worked in an endless variety of beautiful designs, of which the collection in Franz and Frida Lipperheide's "Musterbücher für Weibliche Handarbeit" is most interesting and exhaustive; including Italian and German "Lienenstickerei," Berlin, 1883.