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Definition of Tritely

  • in a trite manner

How to use tritely in a sentence. Tritely pronunciation.

Thus Joy Molineau spoke her mind to Jack Harrington, even as she had spoken it, but more tritely and in his own tongue, to Louis Savoy the previous night.
It is a small world, Scott thought tritely. "Spook?
Clowes remarked somewhat tritely that business was business.

Examples of Tritely

Example #1
No, no; why moos' I listen to lazy mans?
Example #2
You-what you call-lazy mans, you lazy mans would desire me to haf for wife.
Example #3
Scott momentarily daydreamed, remembering how fifteen years before, in Athens, Greece he had opened a taxi door right into the face a lady who turned out to be an ex-high-school girl friend.
Example #4
Was there more than one spook?
Example #5
I don't think it will.
Example #6
He was the best man, and in he must go.