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Definition of Troubled

  • characterized by or indicative of distress or affliction or danger or need

How to use troubled in a sentence. Troubled pronunciation.

He was not, however, more perplexed and troubled than David, who, in the little room where he had been brought and left alone with coffee and cigarettes, served by a slave from some distant portion of the Palace, sat facing his future.
When a man was gone none troubled.
The dead man was in the bosom of Allah; then why should the living be beset or troubled?
Troubled about something in England, I guess.
She only saw troubled depths, lighted by a soul of kindling purpose.
She had been troubled and tried beyond bearing, and her impulsive nature revolted at his silence.
Troubled by a deep danger drawing near, Kaid had drawn him into his tough service, half-blindly catching at his help, with a strange, almost superstitious belief that luck and good would come from the alliance; seeing in him a protection against wholesale robbery and debt-were not the English masters of finance, and was not this Englishman honest, and with a brain of fire and an eye that pierced things?
His Mistress seeing him so indifferent at the hearing of her Husbands Absence, cou'd not tell what to think shou'd be the reason of it; and ask'd him what 'twas troubled him?
When my young Gallant was gone, I began to consider that I had all I was like to have of 'em: and that one Fool was enough to be troubled with; and since they had paid me but one half of my Salary, and for that one of 'em had enjoy'd me, & had what he wanted, I tho' we were pretty even.
When he was well, his too darkly stained past life troubled him little; but when he was unmanned by weakness, he was incapable of fighting the ghastly demon that forced upon his memory in painful vividness those very deeds which he would most willingly have forgotten.
Not the smallest suspicion of the possibility of her escape troubled his sense of security, when, not finding Sirona in the sleeping-room, he went into the sitting-room to carry out the meditated punishment.
When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled, and said, Where have ye laid him?
I'll send for my luggage; you shan't be troubled with it long.
Turgenev made no answer; but over the troubled waters of his story moves the brooding spirit of creation.
In the midst of his troubled and self-tortured comrades, Sanin stands like a pillar, calm, unshakable.
But my old Bible was poor print and small, and it troubled me for a long while.
During the last night she had been so troubled and disturbed about it_, that she thought she would run in early, lest she should again be prevented, and see if there was any way in which she could be of service to them.
Should these words meet the eye of any one so troubled over any evil way or bad habit from whose bondage he would gladly escape, let me say to you these words of good cheer: "_The Lord can save you, the Lord can deliver you, the Lord can wholly heal you.
In the chamber, Mrs. M. lay in the bed apparently in a troubled sleep, she was a woman of medium size, about 50 years of age, the mother of a large family; around her bed stood her husband, four sons and a daughter, and relatives, about twelve persons in all.
She told him the proper manner of doing it, and he followed her directions; but he was much troubled that he could not understand the whys and wherefores himself.

Examples of Troubled

Example #1
David looked round the little room.
Example #2
But as he went towards Mizraim's quarters he saw no sure escape from the stage of those untoward events, save by the exit which is for all in some appointed hour.
Example #3
The dead man was in the bosom of Allah; then why should the living be beset or troubled?
Example #4
Death, murder, crime in Egypt was not a nine days' wonder; it scarce outlived one day.
Example #5
If there was foul play, why make things worse by sending another life after the life gone, even in the way of justice?
Example #6
When a man was gone none troubled.