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He induced Mr. W. to empower him to draw out, thus, one particular sum of trust-money, amounting to twelve six fourteen, two and nine, and employed it to meet pretended business charges and deficiencies which were either already provided for, or had never really existed.
We knew that he had been a partner in a great London banking-house; that he had not led a very virtuous life; that he had possessed himself, by forgery, of trust-moneys which he was doubly bound to respect; and that he had been hanged for his offense, in the year eighteen hundred and twenty-four, when the gallows was still set up for other crimes than murder, and when Jack Ketch was in fashion as one of the hard-working reformers of the age.
For soon he runs short of the dollars, He fears he must go to the wall; So Peter's trust-money he collars To pay off his creditor, Paul; Then robs right and left-for he goes it In earnest when once he's begun.
The man who uses trust-money for three days, to acquire in those three days a fortune, certain as magnificent, would pull up short beforehand if the issue of theft or honesty were put squarely before him.

Examples of Trust-money

Example #1
He obtained Mr. W.'s signature under such circumstances to documents of importance, representing them to be other documents of no importance.
Example #2
We parted merrily; and as they all stood crowded round the door to light us as far as they could upon our road, I saw the sweet blue eyes of little Em'ly peeping after us, from behind Ham, and heard her soft voice calling to us to be careful how we went.
Example #3
We answered that we had certainly heard of him as one of the famous criminals of his day.
Example #4
It is rather a curious anecdote, sir, and has an interest, I think, for all observers of human nature quite apart from its connection with the unhappy man of whom we have been talking.
Example #5
Descensus Averni-he knows it; It's easy for "Gentleman, One".
Example #6
The crash comes as sure as the seasons; He loses his coin in a mine, Or booming in land, or for reasons Connected with women and wine.