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How to use truth-there in a sentence. Truth-there pronunciation.

If only some counselor of eternal wisdom could have whispered to her that obvious and convincing truth-there are no dead.
Young gentleman, I shall be a loser by his honour's taking you away; but, after all, the truth is the truth-there are few gentlemen in these parts like his honour, either for learning or welcoming his friends.
We are made to require, and to be restless until we possess, perfect truth-there it is!

Examples of Truth-there

Example #1
Miss Murfree, Dr. Emory, Mrs. Davis, and some others among the neighbors were most sympathetic and considerate.
Example #2
Jennie had no tears to shed; only a deep, insistent pain to feel.
Example #3
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Example #4
I found the stranger awaiting me at the door of the inn.
Example #5
We are made to want, and to be restless until we get, perfect, infinite unchangeable love-there it is!
Example #6
We must have, or the burden of our own self-will will be a misery to us, a hand laid upon the springs of our conduct, authoritative and purifying, and have the blessedness of some voice to say to us, 'I bid thee, and that is enough'-there it is!