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Definition of Truthfulness

  • the quality of being truthful

How to use truthfulness in a sentence. Truthfulness pronunciation.

For there was a keen truthfulness in the young man's words which, however suave and carefully balanced, however gravely simple and tactful, left no doubt as to their meaning.
What their homes were to them, these fellaheen, dragged forth to defend their country, to go into the desert and waste their lives under leaders tyrannous, cruel, and incompetent, his old open life, his innocence, his integrity, his truthfulness and character, were to him.
Then this keen-eyed person appeared to me to be "taking my measure"; but I dismissed the suspicion when he spoke, for his manner was full of guileless candor and truthfulness.
He answered her with entire truthfulness.
The great Russian utterly lacked the temperament of the advocate; but his innate truthfulness, his wonderful art, and his very calmness made the picture of woe all the more clear.
Now its depth and truthfulness seem even more clear and arouse even more wonder and respect for the creative thought of the artist who wrote it.
Himself a believer, though careless in the practice of forms, he was not disturbed by the modern tendency to look for morals apart from faith; he had not the trouble of reflecting that an ignorant woman is the last creature to be moralised by anything but the Christian code; he saw straight into the fact-that there was no hope of impressing Ada with ideas of goodness, truthfulness, purity, simply because she recognised no moral authority.
Perhaps, even thus late, his spirit of stern truthfulness might bear fruit in her life and in her son's.
The Supreme Court has decided that Congress did not exceed its powers in making this definition of "intoxicating liquor"; and, while this does not absolve the makers of the law of the offense against strict truthfulness, it may rightly be regarded as evidence that the transgression was not of the sort that constituted a substantial usurpation-the assumption by Congress of a power lying beyond the limits of the grant conferred upon it by the Eighteenth Amendment.
In the same way, knowledge is a quality of man, and so is ignorance; truthfulness is a quality of man, so is falsehood; trustworthiness and treachery, justice and injustice, are qualities of man, and so forth.
The hearts should be purified and cleansed from every trace of hatred and rancor and enabled to engage in truthfulness, conciliation, uprightness and love toward the world of humanity; so that the East and the West may embrace each other like unto two lovers, enmity and animosity may vanish from the human world and the universal peace be established!
Truthfulness is the foundation of all the virtues of the world of humanity.
Without truthfulness, progress and success in all of the worlds of God are impossible for a soul.
Consort with all the peoples, kindreds and religions of the world with the utmost truthfulness, uprightness, faithfulness, kindliness, good-will and friendliness; that all the world of being may be filled with the holy ecstasy of the grace of Bahá, that ignorance, enmity, hate and rancor may vanish from the world and the darkness of estrangement amidst the peoples and kindreds of the world may give way to the Light of Unity.
Serve ye the sovereigns of the world with utmost truthfulness and loyalty.
Philip's truthfulness made it difficult for him to answer, but he was naturally polite.
You have a hierarchy of values; pleasure is at the bottom of the ladder, and you speak with a little thrill of self-satisfaction, of duty, charity, and truthfulness.
Bound up with the truthfulness and originality of the Author is that strange absence of sycophancy, which we may flatter ourselves is no exceptional thing, but which is in reality a very rare phenomenon in literature.
He is probably about tipsy enough now to tell all he knows, and, with an acquired truthfulness.
In short, the real teacher must have a testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Examples of Truthfulness

Example #1
There was nothing in them which could be challenged, could be construed into active criticism of men or things; and yet much he said was horrifying.
Example #2
Kaid addressed his conversation again and again to David, asking questions put to disconcert the consuls and other official folk present, confident in the naive reply which would be returned.
Example #3
By an impulsive act, by a rash blow, he had asserted his humanity; but he had killed his fellow-man in anger.
Example #4
All they felt he felt.
Example #5
Said he: "I know that horse-know him well.
Example #6
I said I had half a notion to bid.