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How to use tumefied in a sentence. Tumefied pronunciation.

The scrotum was tumefied, and to the touch gave the sensation of a human breast, and the parts were pigmented similar to an engorged breast.
The hand contracted on the rifle-sling was tumefied by the shoulder-straps and the bent arm was broken.
And when her daughter obeyed her, she gradually saw the huge swelling subside, and the paralysed, tumefied limbs recover their natural suppleness and appearance.
Bundesrath. switch, v. whip, flog; shunt, shift. swollen, a. tumid, tumefied, bloated, purled up.

Examples of Tumefied

Example #1
As a rule the earliest symptoms in childhood are: more or less persistent headache, particularly frontal, sanguineous and purulent discharge from the nostrils, and the formation of symmetric swellings the size of an almond in the region of the nasal processes of the superior maxilla.
Example #2
Analysis showed the secretion to have been true human milk.
Example #3
Like a regular refrain the lamentation of Mélusson came to me.
Example #4
From time to time one hoisted the pack up or pressed down one's cap into the sweat of the forehead; had it fallen it could not have been picked up again in the mechanism of the march; and then we began again to fight with the distance.
Example #5
Nor was that all, for Madame Rizan cried out that she was cured and felt hungry, and wanted bread and meat-she who had eaten none for four-and-twenty years!
Example #6
But she was only able to obtain this glass of water on the following morning; and she cried out to her daughter: 'Oh!