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How to use turned-and in a sentence. Turned-and pronunciation.

He turned-and looked into the troubled gray eyes of Dr. Cumberly.
She walked along to the pillar-box, and having examined the address upon the envelope with great care, by the light of an adjacent lamp, posted the letter, turned-and there, radiant and bowing, stood Mr. Gianapolis!
Then they turned-and Allan saw what the white robes clothed!
But the tide of the Great War was turned-and Dave Scott was one of the immortals who forced the flood back upon the Rhine.
She passed the store as if she were not going to look in; she seemed trying not to look, but her head turned-and she saw the picture.
I was as cold as ice-dizzy sometimes-blind others-then my stomach turned-and I couldn't get my breath.
The impulse given by Wesley and Whitfield turned-and not before it was needed-the earnest minds of England almost exclusively to questions of personal religion; and that impulse, under many unexpected forms, has continued ever since.

Examples of Turned-and

Example #1
Dr. Cumberly grasped his hand cordially.
Example #2
My friend-I may call you my friend, may I not?-I cannot say if she is living or is dead.
Example #3
I examined it; it contained a lock of bright flaxen hair.
Example #4
These and such reflections restored Paulus to equanimity and to satisfaction with his conduct, and he began to consider, whether he should return to his old cave and the neighborhood of Stephanus, or seek for a new abode.
Example #5
Each took something from the table, something that gleamed metallically.
Example #6
The man spoke, too low for Dane to hear.