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How to use two in a sentence. Two pronunciation.

General, assembled a number of learned doctors and great divines in the [mosque of the] ‘two Kázims’ (upon them be peace), and, having come to an unanimous agreement, wrote to the divines of Karbilá the exalted and Najaf the most noble, convoking them all.
We enter, at the call of the Sabbath morning light, the place of assembled worshippers; let it be the newly planted conventicle on the edge of the Western forest, or the missionary station at the extremity of the Eastern continent; let it be the collection of Northern mountaineers, or of the dwellers in Southern valleys; let it be in the plain village meeting-house, or in the magnificent cathedrals of the old cities; let it be the crowded congregation of the metropolis, or the ‘two or three’ that meet in faith in upper chambers, in log-huts or under palm-trees; let it be regenerate bands gathered to pray in the islands of the ocean, or thankful circles of believers confessing their dependence and beseeching pardon on ships’ decks, in the midst of the ocean.
He has a small plate to-day, because greens are a penny more than potatoes, and he had ‘two breads’ yesterday, with the additional enormity of ‘a cheese’ the day before.

Examples of Two

Example #1
They came, some knowing, others not knowing.
Example #2
Each day he secretly wrote a dispatch to Ṭihrán, made vows and compacts with the _Sh_ay_kh_s, and sent diplomatic notes to His Excellency the Ambassador-in-chief [at Constantinople].
Example #3
We travel abroad, through these converted lands, over the round world.
Example #4
Truth is not determined by majorities; and yet it would be contrary to the laws of our constitution not to be affected by a testimony so vast, uniform, and sacred as that which is rendered by the common belief of Christian history and the Christian centuries to the doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.
Example #5
Some statistical returns compiled by that gentleman, relative to the consumption of raw spirituous liquors in this place, are supposed to be the cause of the wretch’s animosity.
Example #6
What was up last?’ he orders a small plate of roast beef, with greens, and half-a-pint of porter.