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Definition of Typesetting

  • The act or art of setting type.

How to use typesetting in a sentence. Typesetting pronunciation.

Henry at eleven was taken out of school to learn typesetting.
When there is no prospect of dull times (for printing and typesetting, like all other trades, sometimes come to a stand-still), every one is free to work his hardest, and exert his faculties to the utmost: he who does more gets more; he who does less gets less.
Typesetting and layout by Between the Lines, San Diego, California.

Examples of Typesetting

Example #1
Orion was a gentle, accommodating soul, but he lacked force and independence.
Example #2
Sam's two years at Ament's were now complete, and Orion induced him to take employment on the Journal.
Example #3
When business slackens, compositors and pressmen divide up their labor; all monopolists are detested as no better than robbers or traitors.
Example #4
There, as elsewhere, inequalities of talent and skill are to be found.
Example #5
Printing, photo lab, and design by India Ink, 3623 India Street, San Diego, California 92103.
Example #6
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