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Definition of Uitlander

  • A foreigner; an outlander.

How to use uitlander in a sentence. Uitlander pronunciation.

And apart from such considerations of contingent self-interest, Australians had strong personal feelings over the issue between Kruger and the Uitlanders.
As soon as the crisis became acute, public meetings were held all over the Australian colonies to express sympathy with the Uitlanders and to support the attitude of the Imperial Government.
They were talking of justice and the Uitlanders, not of business.
If he turned out all those wretched Uitlanders it would serve them right.
But Jolyon's original view, that to 'put your nose in where you aren't wanted' (as the Uitlanders had done) 'and then work the oracle till you get on top is not being quite the clean potato,' had, whether founded in fact or no, a certain attraction for his son, who thought a deal about gentility.
After supper we went outside in order to escape the feet-washing ceremony (all in the same water) which this "simple pastoral people" are said to indulge in, and which they might expect the "uitlander" (stranger) to enter into with enthusiasm.
Every country contains now an increasing ingredient of unenfranchised Uitlanders.

Examples of Uitlander

Example #1
Australian miners formed no small section of the population of the Rand.
Example #2
In view of the vast and increasing trade between Australia and the mother-country, the safety of the Cape route must always be a question of the very highest importance in the eyes of Australian statesmen.
Example #3
The question of sending Australian contingents to join the Imperial forces in the event of a war was discussed at an early stage.
Example #4
Australians were under no illusions as to the idyllic character of the peasant-owners of the Transvaal.
Example #5
Monsieur was the first who had spoken to her of that. "The Boers are only half-civilised," remarked Soames; "they stand in the way of progress.
Example #6
But Madame Lamotte found that the English were a little hypocrite.