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Definition of Ultima

  • Most remote; furthest; final; last.
  • The last syllable of a word.
  • the last syllable in a word

How to use ultima in a sentence. Ultima pronunciation.

It was the Ultima Thule of personal decoration to her.
Franz Mueller is studying in Rome, having carried off a prize at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, which entitles him to three years at the Villa Medici, that Ultima Thule of the French art-student's ambition.
What is the final end, the Ultima Thule?
He felt that he had reached the land-or at least the borderland-of Bohemia, that Ultima Thule of every young literary dream.
Who could have conquered the holy sepulchre, or wrested a crown from its lawful wearer, whether in Italy, Muscovy, the Orient, or in the British Ultima Thule, more bravely than this imperial bastard, this valiant and romantic adventurer?
Sixteen miles to the westward, like a blue cloud on the horizon, rises the ultima Thule of Devon, the little isle of Lundy.
Of myself, I have only to say that, being worn out with the gaieties of a London season, I looked forward to a trip to 'Ultima Thule' with pleasurable anticipations, which were ultimately fully realised.
At Thurso we hailed a boat to send telegrams ashore-such a collection!-to let our various friends know we had returned in safety from Ultima Thule.
We congratulate our authoress on the pluck and endurance with which she undertook her journey to Ultima Thule, and upon the very interesting book which is the result.
Eheu, hominum furor: matris tu sola lux es, et gregis ultima spes,"-or in English, that "Here lies Edward, Prince of Wales, brutally murdered while but a youth, in the year of our Lord 1471, on the 4th of May.
Europe is almost exhausted, the _ultima Thule_ of arable territory in America has been reached, Asia barely supports her own immense population; nothing is left but Africa, and she presents a merely hopeful prospect for the future.
Along the ruffled blue waters of the sounds and lochs that wind among the roots of unpronounceable mountains, and past the dark hills of Skye, and through the unnumbered flocks of craggy islets where the sea-birds nest, the spell of the sweet Highland maid drew us, and we were pilgrims to the Ultima Thule where she lived and reigned.
Ruit ipsa Dies, orbemque relictum Ultima perpetuis claudit natura tenebris.
Gaspe-that was the ultima Thule to which Mattingley and Carterette had gone.
To believe in the possibility of a rational synthesis, limited to sensible experience, or phenomenal facts within our reach, that shall climb from law to law, or from concrete fact to abstract conception, until it shall reach the _Ultima Thule_ of all law, is to carry the faith of the scientist beyond the most transcendental belief of the theologian, and make him a greater dupe to his illusions than was ever cloistered in a monastery or affected austerity therein as a balm to the flesh.
Besides, since the stake, that _ultima ration theologorum_, has gone out of fashion, this method of government has lost its efficacy.
Having twice sallied out and been beaten back, she now, as I expected, tried the _ultima ratio_ of women, and had recourse to tears.
In ultima instanta, realitatea externa este o inventie a creierului pentru a-si explica structura sa de modele.
Daca raspunsul este "da" atunci se va face o saritura identica cu ultima saritura simulata reusita, cu foarte mari sanse de succes.
In aceasta ultima situatie, persoana foloseste doar modele rudimentare, cele mai multe fiind componente ale PSM-ului.

Examples of Ultima

Example #1
He must be rich and powerful," she murmured as she fled from her room to play the safety game of being found with the heiress when her Prince Charming should arrive.
Example #2
He had been guided by a chance remark of Ram Lal's.
Example #3
I hear that he is as full of whim and jest as ever, and the very life of the Cafe Greco.
Example #4
The two first are still mine; the latter, having been brought forward only in so far as they re-acted upon my feelings or modified my experiences, have become, for the most part, mere memories, and so vanish, ghost-like, from the page.
Example #5
We start at the bottom of the evolutionary ladder in a condition of savagery, clan communism in government, simple animism in religion, and slowly we progress through barbarism to civilization, through paganism to the higher ethical codes, through chattel slavery and then feudalism and beyond.
Example #6
Metaxa was shaking his head again.