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How to use unaccustomd in a sentence. Unaccustomd pronunciation.

For dear is the Emerald Isle of the ocean, Whose daughters are fair as the foam of the wave, Whose sons, unaccustom'd to rebel commotion, Tho' joyous, are sober-tho' peaceful, are brave.
What unaccustom'd cause procures her hither?
And all this day an unaccustom'd spirit Lifts me above the ground with cheerful thoughts.

Examples of Unaccustomd

Example #1
And flourish, ye pillars, {32} as green as the rushes That pillow the nymphs of the Emerald Isle! VIII.
Example #2
VII. Bloom, Theatre, bloom, in the roseate blushes Of beauty illumed by a love-breathing smile!
Example #3
Is she not down so late, or up so early?
Example #4
It is my lady mother.
Example #5
My dreams presage some joyful news at hand.
Example #6
That I reviv'd and was an emperor.