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But if this is done it is unallowable to date that existence, not from Moses, but from some other intermediate point in the history of Israel.
And you can talk with a quite unallowable frankness & freedom because you are not going to send the letter.

Examples of Unallowable

Example #1
Moreover, the assumption of a codification either as preceding all praxis, or as alongside and independent of it, is precisely in the case of sacrificial ritual one of enormous difficulty, for it is obvious that such a codification can only be the final result of an old and highly developed use, and not the invention of an idle brain.
Example #2
Here again a way of escape is open by assuming a lifeless existence of the law down to Ezra's time.
Example #3
When you are on fire with theology you'll not write it to Rogers, who wouldn't be an inspiration; you'll write it to Twichell, because it will make him writhe and squirm & break the furniture.
Example #4
When you are on fire with a good thing that's indecent you won't waste it on Twichell; you'll save it for Howells, who will love it.