Unarm in a sentence

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Definition of Unarm

  • To disarm.
  • To put off, or lay down, one's arms or armor.
  • take away the weapons from; render harmless

How to use unarm in a sentence. Unarm pronunciation.

Call here my varlet; I'll unarm again.
At your own house; there he unarms him.
To help unarm our Hector.
Unarm, unarm, and do not fight to-day. HECTOR.

Examples of Unarm

Example #1
Before PRIAM'S palace Enter TROILUS armed, and PANDARUS TROILUS.
Example #2
That find such cruel battle here within?
Example #3
Good boy, tell him I come.
Example #4
Sir, my lord would instantly speak with you.
Example #5
Shall more obey than to the edge of steel Or force of Greekish sinews; you shall do more Than all the island kings-disarm great Hector.
Example #6
Let us to Priam's hall To greet the warriors.