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The back yard is unfenced, and extends to the skyline and an unascertainable bit beyond.
These pages also reveal the unsuspected fact that prejudice against the Negro is exerting a pressure which, in New York and other large cities where the opportunity is open, is actually and constantly forcing an unascertainable number of fair-complexioned colored people over into the white race.
There was first the Procession of the Maestranza, of unascertainable antiquity.
Of these nobles, each with his court and feudal dominion, there were in what we may call China Proper some unascertainable number between thirteen and a hundred and fifty: mostly small and insignificant, but mostly, too, full of schemes and ambitions.

Examples of Unascertainable

Example #1
There are no other houses in sight, though the Toyaats sometimes pitch a winter camp a mile or two down the Yukon.
Example #2
A long- legged cache on stilts may be found in the back yard; also a couple of outhouses.
Example #3
In this book the reader is given a glimpse behind the scenes of this race-drama which is being here enacted,-he is taken upon an elevation where he can catch a bird's-eye view of the conflict which is being waged.
Example #4
In these pages it is as though a veil had been drawn aside: the reader is given a view of the inner life of the Negro in America, is initiated into the "freemasonry," as it were, of the race.
Example #5
Those who took part in it came riding on horses and mules covered with gaudy trappings and carrying something to indicate their trades.
Example #6
The people, who had come from all the country round, hung about listlessly during the morning, hoping that the weather might clear up and by noon the authorities decided that the ceremonies should proceed, so that, as they all had to be crowded into the afternoon, the town for the rest of the day was choked with processions.