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How to use unassembled in a sentence. Unassembled pronunciation.

The West was unassembled then, undigested, comparatively unknown.
Yet Jane Clemens must have had qualms at times-vague, unassembled doubts that troubled her spirit.
There I was taught every detail of the mechanics of naval construction and I was not pronounced equipped until I could talk intelligently about every unassembled part of a gun, torpedo tube, or mine.

Examples of Unassembled

Example #1
Two States, Louisiana and Missouri, with less than half a million white persons, were all that lay beyond the great river.
Example #2
III A HUMBLE BIRTHPLACE Florida, Missouri, was a small village in the early thirties-smaller than it is now, perhaps, though in that day it had more promise, even if less celebrity.
Example #3
After Jennie was gone a little black chore-boy was hired from his owner, who had bought him on the east shore of Maryland and brought him to that remote Western village, far from family and friends.
Example #4
As far as her experience went, the wise, the good, and the holy were unanimous in the belief that slavery was right, righteous, sacred, the peculiar pet of the Deity, and a condition which the slave himself ought to be daily and nightly thankful for.
Example #5
In the course of my five months' instruction under the various experts of the Prussian Service I had many opportunities to observe the exhaustive thoroughness and the minuteness of detail which the German General Staff possesses.
Example #6
But there were side trips to the big government works at Kiel and Wilhelmshafen.