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Definition of Uncertain

  • Not certain; not having certain knowledge; not assured in mind; distrustful.
  • Irresolute; inconsonant; variable; untrustworthy; as, an uncertain person; an uncertain breeze.
  • Questionable; equivocal; indefinite; problematical.
  • Not sure; liable to fall or err; fallible.
  • not established beyond doubt; still undecided or unknown
  • lacking or indicating lack of confidence or assurance
  • not certain to occur; not inevitable
  • not established or confirmed

How to use uncertain in a sentence. Uncertain pronunciation.

Whether that unknown person would discharge the debt his betrothed was incurring seemed an altogether uncertain matter.
Hitherto uncertain in her judgment, she had now the relief of an assurance that Miss Derrick was not at all a proper person to entertain as a guest, on whatever terms.
Before starting out one morning, in secret I prayed to God to direct me as I went on my uncertain business, and prayed as I called at different places, and soon found a colored girl sixteen years old wanting a place, who came and proved to be the best help we ever had, before or since.
With a strange calmness she continued on her uncertain way.
Though you may be indifferent and uncertain as to dates and times in your present condition and environment, this has nothing to do with your former condition.
A high wind and hurrying clouds made the weather prospects uncertain.
Instead of making him a fixed allowance, the old lady supplied him with funds at uncertain intervals; with the unpleasant result that it was sometimes necessary for him to call to her mind his dependent condition.
Nancy and her brother were summoned, separately, to the invalid's room at uncertain times, but neither was allowed to perform any service for him; their sympathy, more often than not, excited irritation; the sufferer always seemed desirous of saying more than the few and insignificant words which actually passed his lips, and generally, after a long silence, he gave the young people an abrupt dismissal.
To this, Horace could venture only an uncertain reply.
Nancy looked what she in truth had become, a matronly young woman, in uncertain health, and possessed by a view of life too grave for her years; Horace, no longer a mere lad, exhibited in sunken cheeks and eyes bright with an unhappy recklessness, the acquisition of experience which corrupts before it can mature.
His age belonged in that uncertain area which may range from twenty-five to forty.
I did not suspect you of any improper idea, when you offered to share my uncertain fortunes.
When they reached a crossroad, and Camors seemed uncertain, she indicated the way by a slight pressure of the arm.
They remembered they were in the presence of an uncertain person; they little trusted a change so sudden, the reason of which they could not comprehend.
A requisition for so many articles would come in, duly approved; unless the boxes containing these articles happened to have been unpacked, it was uncertain whether they were on hand or not.
In the darkness the enemy's pickets were encountered, and the division commander, being uncertain of the ground and as to what might be in his front, halted his command and reported the situation to me.
And then, feeling compelled to bring himself into as complete union as possible with his correspondent, he sat, pen in hand, uncertain if he should speak of Nora at all.
Last month he was full of courage, his nerves were like iron; to-day he was a poor vacillating creature, walking in a hazel-wood, uncertain lest delay had taken the savour out of his adventure, his attention distracted by the sounds of the wood, by the snapping of a dry twig, by a leaf falling through the branches.
About eleven I lay down in the great cabin, and in a short time fell asleep, though very uncertain whether I should wake alive, and much ashamed of my unwillingness to die.
The site of this schoolhouse has been considered uncertain, but a short manuscript account of "the Mission among the Indians in America", preserved in the Herrnhut Archives, says distinctly that it stood "a mile above the town (of Savannah) on an island in the Savannah River which was occupied by the Creeks.

Examples of Uncertain

Example #1
Louise, in the meantime, kept quiet as a mouse-so strangely quiet, indeed, that Emmeline's prophetic soul dreaded some impending disturbance, worse than any they had yet suffered.
Example #2
When Saturday came the state of things at "Runnymede" had undergone no change whatever; Emmeline still waited for a moment of courage, and Mumford, though he did not relish the prospect, began to think it more than probable that Miss Derrick would hold her ground until her actual marriage with Mr. Bowling.
Example #3
The incident of the railway station proved her to be utterly lacking in self-respect, in feminine modesty, even if her behaviour merited no darker description.
Example #4
To her credit, Emmeline tried hard to believe that she had learnt the whole truth; her mind, as she had justly declared, was not prone to ignoble imaginings; but acquitting her husband by no means involved an equal charity towards Louise.
Example #5
For seven years and a half she lived in the family, taught two of our children to read; was glad, from choice, to move with us to different places, till she left to be married, fell sick and passed away.
Example #6
Some time after, we failed to find anything like suitable help in the house, which we greatly needed.