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Tinman's magnanimity was present in her imagination to sustain her, though she was aware that Mrs. Cavely had surprised her will, and caused it to surrender unconsulted by her wiser intelligence.
And even though it be objected that we are born into this inevitable condition, and are made the unconsulted heirs of a heritage we loathe but cannot escape, the solution of our difficulty is not far to seek.

Examples of Unconsulted

Example #1
He had changed, and now that he had become persuasive, she feared he would disturb the serenity with which she desired and strove to contemplate her decision.
Example #2
But the younger man had seemed to her seriously- straightforward mind too light and airy in his wooing, like one of her waltzing officers-very well so long as she stepped the measure with him, and not forcible enough to take her off her feet.
Example #3
We are simply reaping the harvest of sin and transgression, and sin is the work of our own free choice and that of our ancestors.
Example #4
If we must toil and struggle while on earth, it is because these things are a result of our state; if we must be subject to sickness, to weakness and fatigue, to cold and hunger, to weariness and pain, it is not because God is pleased at the misery of His creatures; neither does He rejoice on account of our misfortune.