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In the Virginian sands, we find in great abundance a species of Astarte (A. undulata, Conrad), which resembles closely, and may possibly be a variety of, one of the commonest fossils of the Suffolk Crag (A. Omalii); the other shells also, of the genera Natica, Fissurella, Artemis, Lucina, Chama, Pectunculus, and Pecten, are analagous to shells both of the English Crag and French faluns, although the species are almost all distinct.
Trigonotreta undulata, Sowerby., King's Monograph.
Trigonotreta undulata, Permian. Trilobites of Bala and Caradoc beds.
Pliny tells us that Tanaquil combed, span, and wove her wool, and she herself made the royal mantle which Servius Tullius used to wear, and it was covered with a wavy pattern (undulata).

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Example #1
Prestwich, Mr., on age of Sables inferieurs.
Example #2
Pratt, Mr., on Eocene Isle of Wight mammalia.
Example #3
Shells of the genera Productus (Figure 414) and Strophalosia (the latter of allied form with hinge teeth), which do not occur in strata newer than the Permian, are abundant in the ordinary yellow magnesian limestone, as will be seen in the valuable memoirs of Messrs. King and Howse.
Example #4
There are 25 Gasteropods and only one cephalopod, Nautilus Freieslebeni, which is also found in the German Zechstein. (FIGURE 416.
Example #5
Trigonocarpum ovatum, and T. olivaeforme, Coal.
Example #6
Triloculina inflata, Eocene. Trimmer, Mr., on contorted strata.