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How to use uneffaced in a sentence. Uneffaced pronunciation.

This is precisely like the state of the soul after sin, it is torn and stained, and although the sins may be forgiven, and the stains washed, and the rents healed, yet to the end of life the marks remain of where they have been, the effects are uneffaced.
There, still uneffaced, though the gold threads are all tarnished and ragged, are the ominous words on the silk of the she- devil's love-token!
We were shewn the point at which the English forced their entrance; and the numberless marks of cannon-balls which their artillery had occasioned during the siege were still uneffaced.

Examples of Uneffaced

Example #1
Then all the rents might be carefully darned up, but-the surplice would never look as sound and beautiful as when new.
Example #2
Or I might walk in it through the bushes, and get it torn with the thorns and brambles.
Example #3
But Jasper has now inspected the direction on the paper he held to the lamp-light, and, satisfying himself that he was in the right quarter, restored the paper to the bulky distended pocket-book and walked sullenly on towards the court from which had emerged the policeman who had crossed his prowling chase.
Example #4
It was the figure in which brute force seems so to predominate that in a savage state it would have worn a crown,-the figure which secures command and authority in all societies where force alone gives the law.
Example #5
Though the modern fortifications, built after the model of Vauban, have not the romantic or picturesque aspect which belongs to the aged towers of Montreuil, Abbeville, or Laon, or the more ruinous walls of the town of Conway in Wales, yet they present a pleasing spectacle, arising partly from the regularity of the forms themselves, and partly from the association with which they are connected.
Example #6
As this was the first well fortified town which we had seen, it was to us a matter of no ordinary interest, which was encreased by the remembrance of the celebrated siege which it had undergone from the English army at the commencement of the revolutionary war.