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How to use unhealthy-looking in a sentence. Unhealthy-looking pronunciation.

Every night he and the other sub-editors, young and unhealthy-looking men, sat round a big table, handling "flimsies" and scribbling rapidly.
He was a puffy-faced, unhealthy-looking young man, with very small eyes and a loose, mobile mouth.
Unhealthy-looking little men are these German boys of from twelve to fifteen during the war.
The next morning, when seated at breakfast with Mrs. Pettifer, Janet said,-'What a dreary unhealthy-looking place that is where Mr. Tryan lives!

Examples of Unhealthy-looking

Example #1
They invented head-lines and cross-headings, and they cut down the work of the outside staff.
Example #2
But there was little likelihood of that happening while he performed sub-editorial work on the _Sensation_.
Example #3
Ritter walked into the private room with an air of respectful attention.
Example #4
Mr. Dixon called his chief draughtsman and requested him to put in order the drawings in the drawers of the inner room that had been disarranged by the search, and to send Ritter, as Hewitt had suggested.
Example #5
The overwork, and the lowering of the diet, has given them pasty faces and dark rings round their eyes.
Example #6
The beer is not Bass's ale, but it contains from two to five per cent. of alcohol.